About me

I am a 24 year old engineering student from Germany. My subject at university is mechatronics, which is a combination of mechanical engineering as well as electrical and computer engineering. Due to this subject and my general interest in technology I have diversified knowledge about different technologies. But I am not just interested in the theory, I also like creating things. I have been taking apart and building things my whole life. Over time I improved my skills as well as got new tools which allowed me to be even more creative and gave me new opportunities.

Years ago I started with woodworking. In the beginning I either built furniture or various speaker enclosures. But for a couple of years, since I started vaping in 2014, I also create my own box mods for my electric cigarettes.

And even though I have lots of woodworking tools, there were still too many limitations in what I could build and how much effort it takes to build certain things. I am always interested in new technologies or news ways to do something. So my interest in 3D printing roused and I knew I had to get one. I have been interested in this technology for quite some time and now since they are available for reasonable prices and are continuously improving it was time for me to get my hands on a 3D printer. This technology is so versatile and opens up so many possibilities. If you want to know more about my printer click here

Beside all the woodworking tools I have access to and even before I got my 3D printer, there is another great piece of technology which helps me to machine different materials – my 40W CO2 laser cutter. I do not remember exactly how I even got the idea to get my own laser cutter, but after lots of research a steep learning curve I had my own laser cutter up and running, which I also modified and improved over time. You can find more information about this machine click here