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I have been vaping since 2014 and from the very beginning I liked doing things myself here as well. That time there were no “Subohm Clearomizers” or something like that. When you wanted big clouds, you had to use an RDA and wick it yourself in combination with a mech mod. My first atomizer was the Tobh Atty RDA in combination with a tube mod. While waiting for my shipment to arrive from china, I had plenty of time to do all the research about battery safety etc. which is essential if you plan on using unregulated devices and building your own coils. So if you are new to this, make sure to know about battery safety and have a understanding of the ohm’s law to make sure to stay within the amperage limits of the used components. (links) Please do not attempt building an unregulated mod without some basics in these topics and knowing what could go wrong.

3D printed electric cigarette
Box Mod Build Plan

Build plans

Plans to build your own Box Mod for your Electric Cigarette

3D Printed Squonk Mod

Mod Gallery

Here you can find some of my selfmade Box Mods