Build Plans for your own custom Mod

Ever thought of building your own mod for your electric cigarette, but did not know where to start? Or even made your own mod before? On this page you can find free build plans for some of the mods I made. You do not have to build them exactly the way i did or use the exact methods I use, those build plans are just to inspire you do create something yourself and give you a guide you can follow on how to create your own mod.

Some of the designs require a 3D printer. You do not have a 3D printer but still want to create your own mod? Check out shapeways, a website where you can get your designs printed by professional 3D printers.

Box Mod Build Plan

Wooden Dual 18650 Box Mod

Free Build plan for your own wooden mod

3D printed squonk mod

Single 18650 Squonk Mod

Free build plan for your own SquOnk Mod