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Woodworking – 3D Printing – Laser Cutting


This is probably the social media platform I am mostly using and I try to upload new pictures on a daily basis


I am currently working on some videos on how I create my mods. If you do not want to miss it, I would appreciate if you subscribe to my channel.

On this Page I am going to frequently upload all kinds of homemade projects and introduce you to the tools and methods I use.  If you have any specific question or just want to know more about a certain topic, feel free to contact me via E-Mail.

Quick Overview over the pages on this site:

If you Want to know more about me, how I got started with building things and just get an idea who I am, go to About Me

You want to learn something about 3D printing? Get to know the basics to get started, need advice on which 3D printer might be the right one for you, or just want to know what 3D printer I use? Go to 3D Printing

Or are you interested in laser cutting and want to know what such a machine is capable of and get an idea on how much effort it needs to set up a laser cutter? Go to Laser Cutting

Maybe you found me via Instagram, where I mostly upload pictures of Electric Cigarettes / Box Mods I made. If you want to learn how to create your own mod, or just see pictures of my creations, go to Vaping / Box Mods

The last section so far is the Tech Review section, where I am going to write compact reviews about Gadgets / Tools etc. I use.