3D Printing

Getting into 3D printing opened a whole new world to me for creating things. Creating 3D models of things I had in mind and just send them to a machine which does most of the work from now one seemed bizarre at first. But holding a real three dimensional object in your hand which was just an idea a couple of hours ago is amazing. There are so many small and also bigger 3D printed pieces all around the apartments, things you did not even know that you could need them or things you did not even know exists, exactly matching to your needs.

Introducing my 3D Printer

On this page I am going to introduce you to the 3D printer I am personally using. Furthermore I tell you about some of the modifications I did to improve it.

Getting started
3D printing Basics

If you are new to 3D printing, here you can find some basics to get started. Different parts and components of a 3D Printer as well as the whole process are explained.

3D Printer Guide

You are interested in 3D printing, but don’t know yet what printer you should buy? This is a guide for telling you, which printer fits your needs.

3D Printed Projects

This section shows you pictures and a short description of some items I 3D printed. In addition I also include some of the .stl files so you can print them yourself.