Introducing My Printer
+ Upgrades

As first 3D printer I decided to get an Anycubic I3 Mega. This printer comes almost pre-assembled, only 4 screws are needed to put the printer itself together. After levelling the bed I printed the provided test file, the owl you can see on the right, which turned out really nice. The print quality is great out of the box. Nevertheless it feels wrong to me to keep a machine in its original state. I always like tinkering around and improve things. Since the printer runs in my room just next to me, the noise level is really important. The loudest parts where the stepper motors, but after switching the stepper motor drivers to Watterott SilentStepStick 2208 there was already a significant improvement. I run those drivers at the stealthChop2 mode. Now the fans were the loudest parts, so over time I also replaced all of them.

But still, I knew I could make it even more quiet. So I thought about building a dampened enclosure which also raises the ambient temperature, which helps printing materials which tend to warp and increase the overall strength of the printed parts. After some research I came up with a design for my enclosure. It is made of MDF with drawers to allow easier access to the printer if needed. This is an essential feature for the enclosure. If you plan on building your own enclosure, make sure that you can either lift it up, to access the printer or also create a mechanism to reach the printer from different angles. Since the ambient temperature inside the enclosure tends to get too warm, I added an extraction fan which triggers at a temperature of 40°C and stops again if the ambient temperature is below 38°C. To achieve the temperature control I simply used a cheap temperature control module. It is really easy to install this module, just connect 12V to the module and connect your fan with its own power source to the module and set the temperature – that’s it. Still you need to make sure that the electronics are either outside of the enclosure or you should actively cool them. To ensure the cooling of the electronics there is another 120mm fan in the bottom of the enclosure which blows cool air directly to the electronics.

I quickly realised that it was too dark inside the enclosure, so after temporarily using a battery powered light I added an LED strip to the frame of the printer. To keep up with the additinal power the LEDs draw and to have the possibilty to add more features, I also upgraded the power supply and used a more powerfull one.

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